School color run

School fundraisers are the worst–a fundraising company comes in to do an assembly to get the kids fired up about the junky prizes they’ll get if they ask everyone they know to buy something or donate money. I was so happy that Sam’s school did it differently this year. The PTA opted not to hire a company. Instead, they organized a color run themselves. Kids, parents, and community members were invited to participate in the run and have a BBQ afterward. It was a really fun event, and I believe the PTA raised enough money for all of its programs this year. 

Sam and Dave did the run together, and Sam loved it. There were stations around the school where participants were sprayed with various colors. Sam’s entire shirt was covered with the paint. He went through the stations backside first so that no part of him would be missed.

Hawaii, the tooth fairy pillow

Sam designed his own tooth fairy pillow! It’s a monster that he named Hawaii because its many legs resemble a Hawaiian lei. The nose is a pouch for teeth. We will be using it soon, too! There is a very wiggly tooth in Sam’s mouth.  I just hope the tooth fairy doesn’t find him like this when the time comes:

We started this project on a day when I put my foot down about screen time. He was bored and didn’t know what to do with himself, so I suggested that he draw a picture of the tooth fairy pillow he wanted. Soon he was choosing fabrics from our fabric bin, tracing the patterns he’d made, and cutting the fabric. The next day, he admitted that making stuffed animals was more fun than playing Minecraft and agreed to a daily screen time limit of 30 minutes.  

Hawaii rekindled Sam’s old hobby of stuffed animal making. He’s planning to create a book of his stuffed animal designs, which will not contain instructions because he wants to inspire people to come up with their own designs. ūüôā

Fall bike ride

We forgot to get any shots with the bikes in them, but here are some pictures from a bike ride we took today in Carnation.

Words of 6-year old wisdom

Sam is spending many of his summer days with a good friend at camp. We signed up for the same camps all summer so that the boys could spend time together. An added benefit is that we can divide driving duties. Here are some gems from the boys’ car conversations today:

Friend: “The way to get rich is not to spend any money.”

Sam: “or to find lots of treasure”

Friend: “yeah. That makes sense.”
Friend:  singing “Bill Nye, the science guy” repeatedly

Sam: “why are you singing that?”

Friend: “Because I love science, of course!”

Sam: “I don’t think he does much science”

Friend: “yes he does. Why else would they call him Bill Nye the science guy?”

Sam: “I’m pretty sure that’s the name they gave him when he was born. Actually, it probably used to be ‘Bill Nye the science kid’.”

New helmet

We’ve been on a mission to learn how to ride a bike this week, a mission that Sam wasn’t completely on board with. Sam got his bike two years ago and loved it at first. We went on several family bike rides (with training wheels), but on one of those, Sam fell down and got spooked. After that, he rode only in slow motion and we eventually moved on from bike riding. I’ve brought the bike out now and then, and at some point we decided that the training wheels were causing some problems. We took the training wheels off in September and promised Sam that he could get a new helmet once he learned to ride without the training wheels. Riding without the training wheels was hard. He really couldn’t stay up at all. Next, we removed his pedals and let him use it as a balance bike. Sam was into this for awhile, and it helped him get some balance. Interest was lost again, and eventually we put the pedals back on. We’ve started and stopped several times since then, but Sam never forgot the promise of a new helmet. Every time I let go of his seat and he stayed up for a few seconds, he’d ask, “can I get a new helmet now?”. Last Sunday I told him that we’d get him a new helmet on Saturday if he rode his bike every day this week. He didn’t always want to, but he did it.

Sticking to our original promise that he could get a new helmet once he learned to ride, we went out and let Sam choose a new helmet yesterday. He chose one that came with dry erase markers and stencils. He can draw on it and change the look when ever he wants. Here it is:




Summer Begins!

Beet Cupcakes

Beet Cupcakes

School is out, and we’re enjoying summer to the fullest.¬† Friday, our first day of summer vacation, found us at a new park with some friends followed by¬†our first farm¬†day of the season.¬†Sam and I both loved the farm last summer, and we enjoyed spending time there again. There weren’t enough berries to take home, but we were invited to pick and eat as many strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries as we wanted. Walking back to the car from the raspberry bushes, Sam said, “I think I ate too many berries. I feel like my whole body is made out of berries. My feet are strawberries, and my fingers are blackberries, and my belly is raspberries!”¬† A couple of hours later, as we were coloring at home, I asked if Sam still felt like he was made of berries.¬† His response was, “No, now I feel like I’m made of happiness!¬† It’s a really good feeling.”

Getting produce from the farm has been great for us.¬† We don’t get to choose what we get, so we end¬†up trying all kinds of veggies. Some of these have become unexpected favorites. Sam¬†has discovered that he loves artichokes (he ate two of them last night), and ¬†I’ve grown to like cabbage. It’s¬†challenging to go through all of the produce we get each week, and we all end up eating a lot¬†more vegetables.¬†There is one vegetable that tends to sit in the back of our crisper, though, and that is beets. We’d been getting boxes of vegetables from the farm throughout the winter and spring, and those boxes contained a lot of beets. We’ve tried roasted beets, beet hummus, beet noodles, and beet chips, but we still don’t like them. I generally try to unload our beets on other people. My friends must think I love beets because I’m always bringing beet salad to potlucks.¬† As of this morning, we had two bags of beets that needed to be dealt with. I searched for beet recipes for people who hate beets, and came upon a recipe for chocolate beet cupcakes.¬† Poor Dave thought I was making regular chocolate cupcakes. I’ve never seen him look as disappointed as he did when he saw the blender full of pureed beets ready to go into the cupcake batter. So how are they?¬† Pretty good!¬† They don’t taste like beets at all. If you’re going to eat beets, this is a good way to go.¬†I’m sure they will be a big hit at our next potluck!