2nd grade science project

This year’s project was all about Lego boats. We made 10 boats and then timed them to see how long they would float. When the fist boat was still going strong after 7 minutes in the water, we decided to shift gears and see how many pennies each could hold before sinking. Sam was proud that his own boat could hold the most pennies, while his dad’s boat tipped over immediately and sank.

Why all the cats? Sam found some awesome cat tape at the craft store. He had to have it to decorate his poster. Also, he says, cats don’t like getting wet, so they need good boats!

2 thoughts on “2nd grade science project

  1. That’s a really awesome boat Sam! Grandpa and I went to Vancouver Lake yesterday. I’ll bet your boat would float great on the water there. Maybe we could try it out if you come to visit sometime. Huge Hugs!!!

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