Hawaii, the tooth fairy pillow

Sam designed his own tooth fairy pillow! It’s a monster that he named Hawaii because its many legs resemble a Hawaiian lei. The nose is a pouch for teeth. We will be using it soon, too! There is a very wiggly tooth in Sam’s mouth.  I just hope the tooth fairy doesn’t find him like this when the time comes:

We started this project on a day when I put my foot down about screen time. He was bored and didn’t know what to do with himself, so I suggested that he draw a picture of the tooth fairy pillow he wanted. Soon he was choosing fabrics from our fabric bin, tracing the patterns he’d made, and cutting the fabric. The next day, he admitted that making stuffed animals was more fun than playing Minecraft and agreed to a daily screen time limit of 30 minutes.  

Hawaii rekindled Sam’s old hobby of stuffed animal making. He’s planning to create a book of his stuffed animal designs, which will not contain instructions because he wants to inspire people to come up with their own designs. 🙂

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