Words of 6-year old wisdom

Sam is spending many of his summer days with a good friend at camp. We signed up for the same camps all summer so that the boys could spend time together. An added benefit is that we can divide driving duties. Here are some gems from the boys’ car conversations today:

Friend: “The way to get rich is not to spend any money.”

Sam: “or to find lots of treasure”

Friend: “yeah. That makes sense.”
Friend:  singing “Bill Nye, the science guy” repeatedly

Sam: “why are you singing that?”

Friend: “Because I love science, of course!”

Sam: “I don’t think he does much science”

Friend: “yes he does. Why else would they call him Bill Nye the science guy?”

Sam: “I’m pretty sure that’s the name they gave him when he was born. Actually, it probably used to be ‘Bill Nye the science kid’.”

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