New helmet

We’ve been on a mission to learn how to ride a bike this week, a mission that Sam wasn’t completely on board with. Sam got his bike two years ago and loved it at first. We went on several family bike rides (with training wheels), but on one of those, Sam fell down and got spooked. After that, he rode only in slow motion and we eventually moved on from bike riding. I’ve brought the bike out now and then, and at some point we decided that the training wheels were causing some problems. We took the training wheels off in September and promised Sam that he could get a new helmet once he learned to ride without the training wheels. Riding without the training wheels was hard. He really couldn’t stay up at all. Next, we removed his pedals and let him use it as a balance bike. Sam was into this for awhile, and it helped him get some balance. Interest was lost again, and eventually we put the pedals back on. We’ve started and stopped several times since then, but Sam never forgot the promise of a new helmet. Every time I let go of his seat and he stayed up for a few seconds, he’d ask, “can I get a new helmet now?”. Last Sunday I told him that we’d get him a new helmet on Saturday if he rode his bike every day this week. He didn’t always want to, but he did it.

Sticking to our original promise that he could get a new helmet once he learned to ride, we went out and let Sam choose a new helmet yesterday. He chose one that came with dry erase markers and stencils. He can draw on it and change the look when ever he wants. Here it is:




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