Summer Begins!

Beet Cupcakes

Beet Cupcakes

School is out, and we’re enjoying summer to the fullest.  Friday, our first day of summer vacation, found us at a new park with some friends followed by our first farm day of the season. Sam and I both loved the farm last summer, and we enjoyed spending time there again. There weren’t enough berries to take home, but we were invited to pick and eat as many strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries as we wanted. Walking back to the car from the raspberry bushes, Sam said, “I think I ate too many berries. I feel like my whole body is made out of berries. My feet are strawberries, and my fingers are blackberries, and my belly is raspberries!”  A couple of hours later, as we were coloring at home, I asked if Sam still felt like he was made of berries.  His response was, “No, now I feel like I’m made of happiness!  It’s a really good feeling.”

Getting produce from the farm has been great for us.  We don’t get to choose what we get, so we end up trying all kinds of veggies. Some of these have become unexpected favorites. Sam has discovered that he loves artichokes (he ate two of them last night), and  I’ve grown to like cabbage. It’s challenging to go through all of the produce we get each week, and we all end up eating a lot more vegetables. There is one vegetable that tends to sit in the back of our crisper, though, and that is beets. We’d been getting boxes of vegetables from the farm throughout the winter and spring, and those boxes contained a lot of beets. We’ve tried roasted beets, beet hummus, beet noodles, and beet chips, but we still don’t like them. I generally try to unload our beets on other people. My friends must think I love beets because I’m always bringing beet salad to potlucks.  As of this morning, we had two bags of beets that needed to be dealt with. I searched for beet recipes for people who hate beets, and came upon a recipe for chocolate beet cupcakes.  Poor Dave thought I was making regular chocolate cupcakes. I’ve never seen him look as disappointed as he did when he saw the blender full of pureed beets ready to go into the cupcake batter. So how are they?  Pretty good!  They don’t taste like beets at all. If you’re going to eat beets, this is a good way to go. I’m sure they will be a big hit at our next potluck!

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