Two Dinosaur Geeks

A conversation from a playdate today:

6-Year-Old Dino-Geek 1, pointing at the above picture in a dinosaur book:  “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that is a dinosaur.”

Me:  “I think that’s a dimetrodon” (du-MEE-tru-don)  (I should say that the book was written in Chinese)

6-Year-Old Dino-Geek 1, correcting my pronunciation:  “Yes, that’s a dimetrodon” (du-MEH-tru-don)

6-Year-Old Dino-Geek 2, running up to take a look:  “That’s not a dinosaur.  The dimetrodon lived before the dinosaurs.”

Several hours later, I decided to look it up, and here’s what I found on Wikipedia:

Dimetrodon is often mistaken for a dinosaur or as a contemporary of dinosaurs in popular culture, but it became extinct some 40 million years before the first appearance of dinosaurs”

How do they know this stuff?

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