Easter egg hunt

We’ve never been good at the Easter Bunny.  Two years ago, I went to the backyard to hide eggs during Sam’s nap. Halfway through, I looked up to see him staring at me through the window. Last year, we hid eggs but made no mention of the Bunny. This year, when Sam woke up and saw his basket, he asked if we bought it for him. I said yes. We got up, played with a couple of toys, and then I told him that I needed to take all of the eggs outside to play Easter Bunny. I hid the eggs, and then came inside and said, “the Easter Bunny has been here!”. Sam just looked confused and asked, “who’s the Easter Bunny?” Sam went out and hunted for eggs. He had a great time, as always.

So that’s it. The Easter Bunny just isn’t happening around here.






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