Hiking with the Jr. Ranger


The national park service has a great program called the Junior rangers. We weren’t aware of it until Sam started chatting up a ranger at the Place of Refuge as we paid our admission fee. She told him that he could get a badge just like hers, so we made our way to the ranger station to inquire. The ranger explained that there were two options: complete the “hard” activity and get a plastic badge, or complete the easy activity booklet and get a sticker one. Sam opted for the easy one, which featured a scavenger hunt that we filled out as we toured the park. The booklet was great. It kept Sam focused, and we all really enjoyed our time there. We ended up finishing after closing time, but the rangers stayed a little late to check Sam’s answers. They then signed a certificate for him and had him swear an oath to protect the environment and listen to his parents. The ranger then gave him both the sticker and plastic badges. Sam was so proud of his badge, so we decided to get him a ranger vest. It came in handy today while hiking. He has tons of pockets for his camera and all of the pine cones he picks up along his way.

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