Christmas in Paradise – Day 7

Today was a day ups and downs. We drove across the island to the Hilo-side to get a little of the greenery and rain – both experienced in full measure. We spent some time at Boiling Pots, Rainbow Falls, and then made our way over to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where we hiked around and through Kilaweai Iki crater. Unfortunately, 1/2 way through a delightful high-energy trip, Sam took a spill and hurt his hand which cast a pall on the remainder of the day. We finished the hike, spent a little time at the black sand beach to prove to his school friends that such a thing exists, and finished up with an incredible chocolate chip cookie pie at Kona Brewery. I’d say that we finished well!

Mostly pictures taken OF Sam today as he was high-energy early and kinda bummed out later.


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