First farm day of summer

This summer we have a share in a CSA at Jubilee Farm in Carnation, which is about 20 minutes away from our home. We could pick our produce up in town but there was an option to pick up at the farm where there is a weekly u-pick and a summer farm school for kids. As an added bonus, there is a kitchen where we can clean and prepare our produce. The kitchen is manned by some very friendly, knowledgeable cooks who make samples of recipes made from the week’s produce. Sam and I had a really nice time at the farm. Here he is picking some snap peas:


Making strawberry jam

I’m not a big jam eater, but a few weeks ago I suddenly had a craving for my grandma’s strawberry freezer jam. When I heard that a strawberry u-pick was open near us, I decided to take Sam for some strawberry picking. We came straight home to work in the jam. Sam was my strawberry crusher!