A gnome home

Sam considers the backyard his own personal space, probably because visitors always remark that it is “a nice backyard for Sam”. A backyard is a wonderful thing to have, but ours has suffered from an ugliness problem. Sam and I decided to rectify this last week by creating a gnome house and garden. We made the door and windows out of Crayola magic mold. I’ll let you guess as to who made the window and who made the door. Then we picked out some awesome shade-loving plants at the nursery. This might be my favorite project of ours yet!








Dino Christmas


What you see here is a nest for baby dinosaurs. The baby dinosaurs are the marbles. Santa’s sleigh is to the right. He has just delivered presents to the dinosaurs. The baby dinos are super excited to get their new Lego sets!

It’s all of Sam’s favorite things–building toys, dinosaurs, Legos, and Santa.