Birthday Bash

Sam’s birthday party was a blast! We had it at a local bouncy house place. Sam celebrated with 10 of his friends from school and church. Everyone had fun, and it was super-easy for us!


IMG_1163 IMG_1160

Sam really wanted this cake from the "Where's my Water" game.  Sam calls it "Where's my Wallet".

Sam really wanted this cake from the “Where’s my Water” game. Sam calls it “Where’s my Wallet”.

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Birthday 5

Sammy Sam is now a big 5 year old! His birthday fell on President’s Day this year, so we all had the day off to celebrate it up. We gave Sam the choice of activities, and he chose a trip to Port Defiance Zoo in Tacoma (the sharks were the big draw). After the zoo, we went to Ben and Jerry’s to pick up a leftover Valentine’s Day cake (this has become a birthday tradition).

IMG_1136 IMG_1137 IMG_1134

After that, the day was full of hot wheels, Legos, puzzles, and his new operation game.

Sam got to celebrate with his classmates again on Tuesday. The big birthday bouncy house bash is on Saturday.