Seattle Christmas Event Extravaganza

Downtown Seattle is beautiful at Christmas time, and there are many fun activities for kids. I decided that Sam and I would try to tackle them all in one day. We called it the Christmas Extravaganza. We took the bus into Seattle (every good Seattle adventure begins with a bus trip), and hit up the Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton Hotel.  Of all the amazing gingerbread houses, our favorite was a Hawaiian-themed one that had all kinds of cool sea creatures wearing Santa hats. Next, we took the Monorail over to the Seattle Center’s Winterfest. Sam really enjoyed the huge train set this year. We explored the area a bit and took this picture:


We took the Monorail back downtown and went to the Teddy Bear Suite at the Fairmont Hotel.  Each year, a hotel suite is decorated with teddy bears and opened to the public.






We skipped the last destination (a carousel ride) because Sam really wanted to go to the aquarium and we were so close to it. On the way home, I asked Sam what his favorite part of our trip was. He told me it was the aquarium gift shop. I’m going to assume that this is simply because we had just left the gift shop and it was a long day. My favorite part was watching Sam run around the train at the Seattle Center.  He’s been to this every year since he was born, and he’s finally old enough to appreciate it.

Santa Train

Sam asked me to help him write a letter to Santa this morning. Here is what he asked me to write:

Sam's letter to Santa

Sam’s letter to Santa

We were planning to visit Santa today as part of our Santa Train trip, so we decided to bring the letter along with us. Sam got a little nervous talking to Santa last year, so we told him that he could always give Santa the letter if he felt too nervous to talk. Sam was much more confident this year than last, but he was still pretty uncomfortable. Sam handed Santa the letter, who read it aloud. He mispronounced ankylosaurus, so Sam corrected him and taught him how to say it. Then Santa asked Sam to tell him what sound the ankylosaurus makes, and Sam gave a big roar. I love this sequence of pictures:


Here are some more pictures from our Santa Train trip: