Feeling Better/Thanksgiving Project

The last few days have been rough on our Sammy-Sam. He woke up wheezing on Sunday morning and, when the wheezing worsened, had to take a trip to the emergency room on Sunday afternoon. He was a trooper at the ER.  He got a breathing treatment, some steroids, and a chest x-ray. Back at home, we had to give him puffs of an inhaler, which he hated because “it tastes disgusting”.

Today, Sam is feeling much better and is in the mood for some arts and crafts. We bundled up and headed out to the woods to find some pinecones. When we couldn’t find any good pinecones, we started collecting leaves. We’re hoping to use them to make turkeys.  We’ll see how that turns out.  Finally, we headed home for some hot chocolate. It’s nice to see some smiles from him!

Sam in his new hat

Sam in his new hat

Sam with his "leaf treasures"

Sam with his “leaf treasures”


IMG_0915IMG_0919 IMG_0918

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