Making enchiladas

Sam hasn’t helped me cook in a long time. He just hasn’t been interested. It wasn’t much of a loss to me since dinner prep with Sam was messier, more time consuming, and much more stressful than dinner prep without him. I kept offering him the chance, though, because I’d really like for him to know how to cook.

Today he took me up on the chance to help make enchiladas. I couldn’t believe how helpful he was! He didn’t spill anything, he kept everything inside the bowl when he stirred, and he followed my directions perfectly. He wanted to fill and roll the enchiladas himself, and he did it so well that I could focus on warming up the tortillas while he did his part. It’s so great to have a useful kitchen helper! Here is Sam at work on his enchiladas:







Jake Watching Jake

Sam picked out his Halloween costume today. Dave and I were pushing for him to be Captain Hook, but Sam understandably doesn’t want to be “the bad guy”. so here is Jake of “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” watching an episode of “Jake and the Neverland pirates”.