The American Beetle

Our neighborhood has an annual Independence Day parade in which kids get dressed up and ride their bikes down the street. I told Sam about it a few weeks ago. The part that got his attention was the chance to dress up. Here’s how the conversation went down:

Emily: there is a parade and bouncy houses and a costume contest.

Sam: I want to be in the costume contest!

Emily: ok. I was thinking that you could go as Uncle Sam. We can get you a beard and a tall hat.

Sam: no, I want to be a beetle!

Emily: oh. Well, it needs to be something more patriotic. Something related to our country.

Sam: Well, does our country have beetles?

He had a good point! I convinced him to make it a ladybug costume so that it could have some red and blue on it. Im really happy with what we came up with:









The parade was fun. We hung out with some neighbors, played in an awesome bouncy house, and got some cotton candy.





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