Best buds

These two are becoming great friends! Cheeto lets Sam carry him around, plays hide and seek, and even goes into his room at night. Last night it was getting loud in there, so I went to check on them Sam excitedly told me that they were playing “chase around the room”. Today they are playing tractor.

Almost summer

Today was a busy day! Sam went to play with a friend while Dave and I went to a nursery for landscaping help. Afterwards, we went to the farmers market, then home to work hard in the yard. Sam and I decided to cool off with a swim. Here he is, enjoying some cherries at the pool.


Introducing Cheeto Bandito and the Popcorn Kid

This weekend we celebrated Mothers’ Day by, among other things, driving up to Snohomish and picking up a couple new members of the family. Emily has a coworker whose family owns a farm up that way and their barn cat had a litter of kittens that they wanted to offload. Given that we were recently bereaved and that Sam has been talking about cats a lot recently, it seemed like a natural step to take. During the drive up there, we talked about possible names for the cats. Sam came up with the name Popcorn, which we all thought would fit the calico well. He than arrived on the idea of naming the orange tabby Cheeto and I added the middle name, Bandito. Thus, without meeting our cats, we already had names! Upon arriving at the farm, we found that the cats had spent the majority of their lives in the barn and only nominally socialized – which was a shame since it made it hard to tell their personalities. I bet you can figure out which one is the outgoing jokster and which is the wallflower, though! The Bandito was well named indeed!