New bike

This is sam’s new bike! About a year ago we bought a cheap one from Target that he never really took to. He refused to ride it all last year. I got him to try it out again last week only to find that he had outgrown it!

This time, we went to a local bike shop that has a nice trade-in policy for kids’ bikes. There was a black bike with robots on it that Sam kinda liked. Then the owner brought out this used bike and Sam was sold. He just loved it.

Sam is riding this new bike really well! We’ve already taken two long rides!




Chocolate chip cookie cat food

For the last few months, Sammy (he’s asked us to start calling him that) has requested “cat food” for breakfast every morning. It started when he was pretending to be a cat one morning. I gave him some granola with yogurt on top and called it “cat food”.

We’re now t the end of the week and we are out of granola, so I’ve had to improvise the cat food. Yesterday he had Cheerio cat food and seemed happy enough. Today Cheerios wouldn’t do. We ended up with cookie cat food with a side of plum.

Sammy says he’d like to tell restaurants about cookie cat food so they can start making it too!