The castillos get crafty

It seems we’ve completed a lot of projects this month!

Dave made this growth chart:



I made these ladybugs for sam’s birthday (the colorful one is the one Sam decorated):


And Sam and I did these together:




The fish has no name because Sam insists that fish don’t have names. He was not convinced by the examples of Nemo and Dorry.

The piggy bank came from a Martha Stewart book we checked out from the library. Sam already has plans to complete dozens of the other crafts in the book. A craft book is a dangerous thing to have around this house!

Birthday weekend

It’s hard to believe it, but we now have a 4-year-old! We had a big birthday planned but had to postpone it because Sam came down with a cold.

It has still been a fun birthday weekend despite all of the coughing. Sam had many new toys to play with, and he loves them all. We’ve spent the weekend building, doing puzzles, playing with rockets, and taking baths (he got some new bath paint)

Here Sam is playing with his new chemistry set. Thanks Uncle Robbie and Aunt Katrina!




ladybug Sam

Sam’s 4th birthday is quickly approaching, and we are preparing for a birthday party. He told us that he wanted his friends to make ladybug stuffed animals (similar to candy the beetle), decorate cupcakes, and eat tacos.

Today we made a ladybug as a test. I wanted to see if we could make simple stuffed animals and have the kids glue the pieces on. It was Sam’s idea to add glasses.

The ladybug’s name is Sam.