A Visit with Santa

We’ve been avoiding Santa visits for the last few years because of the intolerable lines.  We almost didn’t make it this year either, but we saw that a small shopping center near us was hosting Santa today and decided that it was time.  Sam was super excited to see Santa and practiced telling him what he wants.  In his practice sessions, he yelled out “A SPIDER!!!” excitedly.  As we approached the line (which was refreshingly short), I told Sam that sometimes we all get a little nervous to talk to Santa, and that it’s OK if he feels shy.  His response was, “I don’t get nervous to talk to people.  Sometimes I get cranky when you guys tell me what to do, but I don’t get nervous”.  Fair enough.

We waited in line, and as we got closer to Santa, Sam started to position himself behind us and laugh nervously. I’m sure it didn’t help that 4 of the kids in line in front of him cried, and the other 2 refused to approach the sleigh. Sam was nervous, but Santa talked to him very nicely and invited him onto the sleigh.  We took a few pictures.  At the end, Santa asked what he wanted, and Sam whispered “a spider”.  As we walked away, Sam said, “I whispered to him very quietly, but I know he heard me!”


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