Swimming Lessons Part 2



Sam took his first swimming class last summer.  He really loved it but complained about certain parts, especially putting his head underwater. We had some extra time in December, so I decided to sign him up for another round of lessons, this time at the city pool.  These lessons were very different for both of us!  Last summer, I stayed close by during all lessons, sometimes even getting into the pool.  At the city pool, parents are asked to watch the lessons from the balcony seating area.  It shows how much Sam has matured that he didn’t mind being separated at all.  I told the teacher that he was uncomfortable putting his head underwater, but he proved me wrong right from the start!  His teacher is amazing, and I can’t believe how much he has learned in the last 2 weeks!  She says he is ready to move on to level 2, which we will start in February.

Sam enjoys swimming lessons more than you can imagine.  When he’s not working directly with the teacher, you can see him jumping, splashing, shouting, laughing, and bobbing underwater.  He’s always tired when he comes home!

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