A Home Improvement

We just completed a crafty project, and I have to brag about it.

We love our house, but haven’t been thrilled with our kitchen. It has less counter-space and cabinet-space than we are used to, and there was no good place to put Sam’s tower. In our last place, the tower was used constantly. Sam ate his breakfasts and snacks on the tower, did art projects there, and helped us cook there. We realized that there was a solution in the form of some old cabinets we had removed from the laundry room when we first arrived.

We realized that the cabinets fit pretty well against the wall of our kitchen, so we moved those in, bought some big pieces of wood, painted them with chalkboard paint, and then attached the wood pieces to the top of the countertops to make counter-space. Now we have 2 extra cabinets, extra counter-space, and a great place for Sam to hang out. As you can see, he loves the chalkboard!



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