Our kid loves pretending, dressing up, and sweets, so Halloween is pretty much a dream come true for him. The countdown to Halloween began in early September when we were at a craft shop picking up supplies for Candy, his stuffed bug. We saw a lot of Halloween decorations, and he told me that he wanted to be a fish. Then he wanted to be a shark. He seemed pretty settled on being a shark until he spotted a mermaid costume in a store. For awhile, he was campaigning for 2 costumes (1 shark and 1 mermaid), but we told him that he needed to choose only one. The deciding factor was the weather (he would need to wear a jacket with a mermaid costume). I ordered a shark costume online and he has been enjoying it for the last 3 weeks.

Finally, the big event arrived. A terrible semi-truck fire created a nightmare commute for me. Facing a 2-hour drive home, I called Dave and told him not to wait for me. I was really sad. Luckily, they were still out when I got home, so I met up with our little trick-or-treating group. You can imagine my surprise when I saw this:


At the last minute, Sam decided that he wanted to be a Pteranadon. He told me that he felt like being green.

Halloween in our new neighborhood was pretty awesome! The neighbors really did it up with the decorations. We spent a lot of time trick-or-treating and managed to come home with much less candy than last year. Now that I’m a mom, I consider that a good thing. 🙂 Here are some Halloween pictures. We’ll post some pictures of him in his shark costume soon!





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