Introducing the Dino-Turtle

What we’ve observed:
1. Dino-turtles wiggle their tongues.
2. Dino-turtles have scary roars.
3. Dino-turtles walk on all fours, but their hind legs hop like a bunny.
4. You can pet a dino-turtle, but you have to let it smell your hand first.

What Sam has told us:
1. Dino-turtles are the biggest creatures in the whole wide world.
2. Dino-turtles are very good swimmers.
3. Dino-turtles are very good jumpers.
4. Dino-turtles eat dinosaurs, bugs, and fish.
5. Dino-turtles have hard shells.
6. Dino-turtles have long tails.
7. Dino-turtles live in the forest.
8. Dino-turtles like cold weather.
9. Dino-turtles have big eyes.
10. Din-turtles have very sharp claws.
11. Dino-turtles like videos.

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