A Retrospective on California

I may post more later, but in the meantime, here’s the hundreds of pics of Sam & Emily (and a bit else as well). Sorry to everybody that I didn’t catch more, Sam’s just so easy to take interesting pictures of!

(Here’s a zip file of all the pictures in a single 58MB package, if you’re interested)

(I know, I know, a lot of the images are turned sideways. WordPress seems to have trouble recognizing orientation metadata so I’m going to have to fix each of them manually. Stay tuned, I’ll get it fixed)

SLO-ing Down

We’ve only been here two days but we’re already sold. We may not be coming home – sorry Darwin

Introducing the Dino-Turtle

What we’ve observed:
1. Dino-turtles wiggle their tongues.
2. Dino-turtles have scary roars.
3. Dino-turtles walk on all fours, but their hind legs hop like a bunny.
4. You can pet a dino-turtle, but you have to let it smell your hand first.

What Sam has told us:
1. Dino-turtles are the biggest creatures in the whole wide world.
2. Dino-turtles are very good swimmers.
3. Dino-turtles are very good jumpers.
4. Dino-turtles eat dinosaurs, bugs, and fish.
5. Dino-turtles have hard shells.
6. Dino-turtles have long tails.
7. Dino-turtles live in the forest.
8. Dino-turtles like cold weather.
9. Dino-turtles have big eyes.
10. Din-turtles have very sharp claws.
11. Dino-turtles like videos.