A very important thing

This morning Sam told us that we had a very important thing to do today. When asked what it was, he said it was to go to the playground.


It’s always good to go to the playground, but Sam is enjoying it much more than he used to thanks to his physical therapy sessions.

Sam loves his PT. He goes every Thursday, but he wishes he could go more often. The PT plays with him and has been teaching him how to jump. We can see a big difference both with his jumping and with his confidence.  Sam used to tell us often that he couldn’t do things. He also refused to try a lot of things: climbing things at the playground, going into the bouncy house at church, jumping off of sidewalks, pedaling his tricycle. Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we took him to a playground after dinner. We were amazed to watch him climbing the ladder and rock wall. He was obviously afraid in the beginning (he was shaking), but he was so proud of himself when he was able to climb all on his own. Every time, he’d say, “That was easy! I didn’t need any help! I’m good at that!”

While climbing the rock wall for what must have been the 30th time, Sam slipped and fell. His dad caught him, but it was scary. Sam took a few seconds to calm down and then announced that he was going to go up again. He blamed the incident on a kid that had been standing at the top of the climbing wall (the kid had nothing to do with the fall, of course). As he happily climbed up the wall, he said, “Somebody said I couldn’t do this by my own.” He was proud to prove that person (himself, perhaps?) wrong.

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