A Sunny Easter Afternoon

This afternoon, we enjoyed an afternoon out in the incredible weather that we’ve been having for the past few days. After finding all of the eggs that the easter bunny hid for him, Sam spent FOREVER watering the back yard for us. I’ve never seen such levels of dedication; he was very careful to aim the spray nozzle at each and every flower and herb that seemed under-watered. Isn’t he so thoughtful?

The new pea patch


New neighborhood, new pea patch. To get to this one, we take an easy, 5 minute walk through the forest. It’s 10 x 20 feet, twice as large as or last one. Today I planted 26 strawberry plants, 2 Rows of carrots, 6 lettuce plants, 16 spinach plants, and 9 chard plants. The garden is only half full. Now, is there any possible way that we can eat that many greens?



Sam loves his new sandbox! He asks to go play in the backyard everyday, even when it’s raining. He says he won’t get wet because he’s in the forest (we put the box under some pine trees). Thankfully, were starting to have more sunny days.