Prehistoric Chrismas

Recently, Sam has been into dinosaurs. Actually that’s not entirely true. Sam has always been into dinosaurs. Early on, he dubbed the brachiosaurus the Samosaurus. Now that he’s a toddler, though, it’s easy to seize on on the subject and go all-in. Thus, dinosaurs featured heavily in his wish list that we put together for him. Santa even contributed to the effort and left a HUGE dino that roars very convincingly – such that we had to remove the batteries later on. Needless to say, they were an unqualified hit. He spent the whole day playing on his new dino play mat with the dino figurines, reading his dino books, sleeping with stuffed dinos, playing dino matching games, giving his dinosaurs hay-rides, and (at the end of the day) running around in his halloween dino costume. The last item didn’t arrive today, but it seemed like the perfect end to a wonderful day! Even my Incredible Hulk lego set that he bought me was used to ride on some of the larger dinos!

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