Dinosaurs go to the Dentist

Many months ago, we found a series of books called “Henry and the Dinosaurs”. It’s about a boy who has a bucket full of plastic dinosaur figurines that come to life. Soon after we checked out the book, Sam and I visited a park where he found 2 plastic dinosaur figurines like the ones in the book. It was the wrong choice, but we decided to “adopt” the abandoned dinosaurs. (I still imagine some poor child going back to the park searching for his lost dinosaurs and crying his eyes out because they are gone). Sam was so excited about his find that it was hard not to take them. He came home and ran to the spot where his bucketfull of rocks sat. He unloaded the bucket right away, put his new dinosaurs into the bucket, and asked to read the Henry book.

In the summer, we found 2 other books in the series. One of them was about Henry’s first day at school, and the other was about Henry’s visit to the dentist. In the dentist book, Henry is scared of the dentist. He doesn’t want to get in the chair, so he puts his T-Rex in the chair instead. While the poor dentist’s back is turned, the T-Rex comes to life with a big roar, scaring the dentist half to death. That makes Henry much more comfortable, and he submits to an exam.

We returned the book long ago, but Sam remembered it last week when Dave told him that he (Dave) had a dental appointment. Sam asked if it was like the Henry book and then told Dave that he could take Sam’s bucket of dinosaurs with him to the dentist.

A Winter Wonderland

Every year, we pick up the next winter village Lego set and put it together thanksgiving night after Sam goes to sleep. This year, putting together the winter cottage took two days!

Christmas Pajamas

Sam picked out some Christmas pajamas for himself this week. I’m pretty sure he chose the reindeer pajamas because they match his new reindeer cup. The cup was an impulse purchase at Target. As we walked toward the cash register, he said, “Daddy is going to be so happy when he sees my cup!” The cup has been well-used already. We wash it several times a day because he always wants to drink out of it! He has also asked to read books about reindeer cups, so if you know of any good books about reindeer cups, let us know!

Winter squash harvest


I really enjoyed gardening this year, but my garden wasn’t all that productive. We had a few tomatoes and strawberries, but our green beans were destroyed by mice (I think) and our soybean plants only grew tiny soybeans. One thing that grew very well was squash. We planned golden nugget squash, and the plants grew really big and overshadowed everything nearby. We got a nice harvest of squash, which we’ve been using a decorations for the last month. Thanksgiving is past, and it is now Christmas season, so I’m cooking it up today. We’ll be making some squash gnocchi with it tonight!

Vietnamese food


On our trip to Chicago, my aunt reminded me of the first time I visited the city. I was 10 and we visited the Field Museum and then went out for Indian food. Natalie and I had never tried Indian food and didn’t eat anything, so we stopped by McDonald’s on the way home. 🙂

Today I love Indian food. It just took some getting used to. I want Sam to enjoy all kinds of foods, which means that we need to expose him early on. On our way back home, we stopped at Saffron Deli, a Vietnamese place near our house. Sam loved the vegetable soup and the pork banh mi. He tried a summer roll as well, but ended up pulling out the filling and only eating the tofu and cucumber. The owner of the place was so nice. We’ll definitely be going back there.