Halloween Pics

Warning, major cuteness ensues!

Halloween party


Sam has 2 costumes this year, which is good since he has 4 Halloween events to attend. His school harvest festival was on Friday (he was a dinosaur). We went to a Halloween party at church today (he was a cowboy). On Halloween, he’ll wear his cowboy costume to school for “dress like your favorite book character” day, and then he’ll wear his Dino costume for trick or treating.

People Pickin’ Pumpkins

My parents are in town and we’re enjoying some good time wandering around Western Washington. Yesterday we made our way to a pumpkin patch and grabbed some for our upcoming Halloween decorations. Sam had a BLAST with the hay ride, duck race, and all the great dirt clods that were just begging to be broken!

Sam the Sheriff

There’s a new sheriff in town – and his name is Sam!