Sam’s day

I’m on break again, but the first two days of it were taken up with meetings and appointments (not much fun for Sam). To make up for it, I told Sam we could do anything he wanted today. He chose to ride his tricycle, go to the playground, and see tigers at the zoo.

I dressed him in his Italian car t-shirt from Grandma & Grandpa Castillo. He said “Look! It’s green and white and red cars! I LOVE this shirt!”

On our very long tricycle ride, we stopped by the garden, where he picked a tomato and ate it right away. Of the 4 ripe tomatoes we’ve picked from our garden this year, only one has made it all the way home. Sam loves his “tatos”.

We picked (and ate) a few blackberries on the way to the playground. Apparently, the blackberries were especially good today because Sam kept saying, “Mommy got some awesome blackberries!”

We came home for lunch and made a big mess in the kitchen while making some fried rice. Sam “helped” by taking all of the carrots out of their bag and telling me what to chop. Fried rice is a good food for Sam because he likes poking around in it to find all the goodies. Today the snap peas were a big hit. He kept saying, “Look! There’s peas inside! I can eat the peas!”

Now it’s naptime for Sam, cleanup time for me, and then a trip to the zoo to see some tigers. Busy day!

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