A Touch of the Devine at Diablo Lake

As I’ve mentioned earlier, we haven’t done a lot of traveling around the state of Washington since we moved here. This year we’ve resolved to change that. Our efforts started out with a trip to Cama Beach last month. This month we joined a friend of Emily’s on their annual trip to Diablo Lake in the north Cascades. Diablo Lake is a glacial lake meaning two things: 1.) the water is COLD, even though it’s only 3-4 feet deep and the temperatures were in the 90s and 2.) the water was this amazing shade of blue as a result of the “rock flour”, finely ground rock dust held in suspension in the water. Absolutely heavenly!

A quick note: apparently resizing the photos down broke WP’s ability to sort the pics by time taken and rotate the portrait-oriented shots and I’m far too lazy to do anything about. I’d apologize, but…well..I’m not gonna…

One thought on “A Touch of the Devine at Diablo Lake

  1. Okay, some of you have commented about the chocolate faced boy in the pictures. They managed to sneak into the load queue and I can’t be bothered to remove them.

    The story behind THEM is that Emily got an ice cream maker for her birthday and Sam has been eager to partake in the product. A lot.

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