Fruit of the Earth

Witness Sam in his opapus (octopus) tshirt from school as he samples the first radish from our garden.

“I feel like a bad parent.” –Dave

Sam loves gardening. Some quotes from the week:

Yesterday close to bedtime:
Sam: “I want to go garden”
Dave: “No, it’s time to take a bath”
Sam: “I want to ride my cycle go garden”
Dave: “No, we’re going home so you can take a bath.”
Sam: “Maybe go daddy’s car? I want daddy’s car go garden.”

Today, while inspecting a neighbor’s plot at the community garden:
“Look at that! That’s broccoli rabe!” (it was just plain broccoli)

Our new pets

we put out a bird feeder a couple of weeks ago and were all enjoying or bird visitors (especially Darwin). We’ve been surprised, though, by how quickly the birds east up the birdseed. Then we saw this:




These pictures aren’t great. It’s a squirrel!