The State of Potty Training

Last weekend, we bought Sam a new potty to try to use. You can probably infer the level of success that we’ve had, given that we let him use the bowl as a hat.

4 thoughts on “The State of Potty Training

  1. You guys are ambitious. I hope it happens quickly and easily for you. We tried in age two with Caleb but he wasn’t ready. He hit 3 and did it without any accidents. Now we are working on nighttime training. He’s such a deep sleeper which is good in a way since we are going to put Joshua in his room next week!!

  2. Natalie, we’re not really potty training at home. Sam goes potty really well at school–2-4 times a day now. At home he refuses to use the potty seat. I think it’s fun at school because all the kids go sit on their little potties together.

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