A new zoo

We love going to the Woodland Park Zoo, but now that we’re in Issaquah we have a hard time making the trip. Going to the zoo used to be a spur of the moment kind of activity. Now it’s a long drive that requires an early start to the day. We still have our membership, but we don’t get out there as often as we’d like. We definitely don’t get out there as often as Sam would like–he regularly asks to go see the elephants or tigers.

Today Sam and I visited a small zoo closer to home. It’s not Woodland Park Zoo–it has no elephants or giraffes. What it does have is tigers (3 of them!), reindeer, cranes, Macaws, lemurs, alpacas, deer and a big lawn full of animal sculptures. Sam was delighted by the little zoo. He got to feed some alpacas and deer, thought the lemurs were”so cute” and he made friends with a crane (it came right up to three fence to look at Sam and started following him).

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