Our garden

Several months ago, I put my name on a waiting list for a raised bed at the community garden in our neighborhood. One became available last week, and we were officially assigned a plot today. Sam and I went to check it out today. this is it:


Lots of weeds. The previous occupant of the plot obviously abandoned it. We poked around awhile and were thrilled to find a strawberry plant with ripe fruit (Sam ate up the strawberries right away). We also found some blueberries!  Here’s or strawberry plant:


Sam and I stayed for awhile to pull some weeds and search for snails. Sam had to use a lot of self control today to keep from picking the strawberries off of our neighbors’ beds. He was great! He told me later that the garden was a lot of fun. His favorite part? The strawberries. In his words, “strawberries better snails”.


We met two families with toddlers at the garden today. I think it will be a fun place for all of us!

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