The State of Potty Training

Last weekend, we bought Sam a new potty to try to use. You can probably infer the level of success that we’ve had, given that we let him use the bowl as a hat.

A new zoo

We love going to the Woodland Park Zoo, but now that we’re in Issaquah we have a hard time making the trip. Going to the zoo used to be a spur of the moment kind of activity. Now it’s a long drive that requires an early start to the day. We still have our membership, but we don’t get out there as often as we’d like. We definitely don’t get out there as often as Sam would like–he regularly asks to go see the elephants or tigers.

Today Sam and I visited a small zoo closer to home. It’s not Woodland Park Zoo–it has no elephants or giraffes. What it does have is tigers (3 of them!), reindeer, cranes, Macaws, lemurs, alpacas, deer and a big lawn full of animal sculptures. Sam was delighted by the little zoo. He got to feed some alpacas and deer, thought the lemurs were”so cute” and he made friends with a crane (it came right up to three fence to look at Sam and started following him).

Our garden

Several months ago, I put my name on a waiting list for a raised bed at the community garden in our neighborhood. One became available last week, and we were officially assigned a plot today. Sam and I went to check it out today. this is it:


Lots of weeds. The previous occupant of the plot obviously abandoned it. We poked around awhile and were thrilled to find a strawberry plant with ripe fruit (Sam ate up the strawberries right away). We also found some blueberries!  Here’s or strawberry plant:


Sam and I stayed for awhile to pull some weeds and search for snails. Sam had to use a lot of self control today to keep from picking the strawberries off of our neighbors’ beds. He was great! He told me later that the garden was a lot of fun. His favorite part? The strawberries. In his words, “strawberries better snails”.


We met two families with toddlers at the garden today. I think it will be a fun place for all of us!

Painting a Bird Feeder

Sam and I are off school for this rainy week, so we headed to Michael’s today to pick up some fun crafts to do from home.  We rushed home and started on our first project–a bird feeder.  Sam doesn’t look like he was having a lot of fun in these pictures, but it’s only because he was very focused.

Here’s the finished product:


At some point during our project, Sam decided that he wanted some orange paint.  We only bought pink, green, and yellow paint, so we made our own orange. You can see Sam mix some paint in this video:

We were very pleased this evening when Sam took his bath.  He has some tablets that change the color of his bath water.  He wanted orange, so he took a red and a yellow tablet to make orange.  The lesson stuck!

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Sam is obsessed with birthdays right now. Every sweet treat is a “hap bir-day” cake. The end-of-quarter work-party we went to on Friday was a “hap bir-day” party. Dave’s father’s day gifts were “hap bir-day” presents. This morning, Sam woke up and said “Hap bir-day Gramma”. He’s decided that today is Grandma’s (Dave’s mom’s) birthday, which, of course, it isn’t. Even so, we celebrated Grandma’s birthday by reading “Happy Birthday Thomas” over and over and over. Sam also decided to put on his “hap bir-day hat” for the occasion!

Sam’s ABCs

Every day when we drop Sam off at daycare he washes his hands. To help him know how long to wash his hands, we’ve taken to singing the ABCs. We hadn’t heard him sing them until tonight, though, when he wanted to wash his hands while taking his bath and started singing all on his own:

Hunting for bugs and slugs



Sam and I went to a pond near our house tonight to look for bugs and slugs. We found lots of slugs, a beetle, and a roly poly. Sam loved the roly poly, but it didn’t survive its encounter with a curious toddler. We stopped to take some pictures. Sam liked making funny faces for the camera.