A Day on the Trail

It’s cloudy here a lot.

Okay, that’s hardly news to anybody who has ever heard of Seattle.

What may be less well known, is that the PNW is famous for having cloudy/rainy Memorial Day weekends. We’re more of a late-summer place.

Well, this year we were informed that Saturday would be a beautiful day (followed by cloudy Sun and Monday). We decided to get out early and enjoy the weather on the Twin Falls trail! Sam had a BLAST! He really liked the camelback we got recently, insisting on wearing it for the first couple hundred yards (until the weight knocked him over once too many). He loved the trail and cruised around everywhere. Ultimately we only ended up hiking maybe two miles, but that’s quite a walk for a 2-year-old! By the drive home, he was truly tuckered out!

How did he earn that nap, you ask? Check out the clip below!

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