Nightime Shenanigans

During Spring Break we took off the front of Sam’s crib and replaced it with a guard rail – thus he had a toddler bed. The transition was mostly smooth, we only had one night of disrupted sleep after which we installed a guard on doorknob so that he couldn’t let himself out in the middle of the night.

That doesn’t mean that Sam has settled into simply falling asleep after we close his door and leave him for the night. Every night before we go to sleep we’ll check in on him and see how he’s doing. Most nights, he’s happily curled up and snoring away. Some nights we’ll find the oddest things in his bed. An aggregate inventory of what he has brought to bed includes: Tigger, Puppy, Frog, James, Thomas, a puzzle, both of his v-tech electronic toys, various books, foam tiles, cardboard building blocks, multiple Cars figurines, clothes from his drawers…and much more…

Tonight we were watching TV and were shocked when we heard a THUD! This isn’t an entirely uncommon occurrence and usually means that Sam has fallen out of bed while rolling over in his sleep. I sprinted upstairs to console our poor somnambulist and found him sitting on the floor, crying. Two things stood out, though. 1: he was sitting at the foot of the rocking chair, not in front of his bed and 2: he had shoes on. Upon inquiring about tonight’s bedtime routine, we determined the following: it appears as though he got up after Emily left him for the night, pulled all of the numbers out of the foam floor tiles and brought them into bed with him, got bored, put on his shoes, and climbed into the rocker whereupon he fell asleep.

The most surprising fact about this progression is that he got his shoes on the correct feet.

One thought on “Nightime Shenanigans

  1. Hahaha, That’s a funny story. Ya’ gotta love kids!
    And good for you, getting your shoes on the right feet, Sam! You’re such a smart boy.

    Love, The other Grandma

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