A gift from the dentist


Sam had his first dental exam a few weeks ago. I don’t know why I was surprised, but he had no problem with strangers poking around in his mouth. the dentist and hygienist were great, and Sam even wanted to hold the hygienist’s hand on the way out. He left with all kinds of goodies, including an electric toothbrush and a toys r us gift card.
Today we finally took a trip to toys r us to use the gift card. Sam was excited to pick out a new toy. We thought we might get a car or some art supplies, but there happened to be a train table out and we couldn’t pull Sam away from it. This isn’t surprising to us. he loves to play with the train at our favorite coffee shop, and when he arrives at school every morning, he runs to pull out their Thomas train set. I wasn’t sure I wanted Sam to have his own set. I thought it might make the ones at the coffee shop and at school less special. They can also be really expensive. But we stood in the train aisle for a long time today and found a little set that was only a few dollars more than Sam’s gift card. We bought it and put it together during Sam’s nap. Now were anxiously waiting for him to wake up and play!

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