It’s Finally Springtime!

I may have mentioned before but for the longest time after coming here to Seattle, Emily and I continued to resent the sun’s intrusion on our cloudy haven. Sam’s arrival changed all that, though. Now we look forward to sunny weekends when we can spend the day out of the musty house and have loads of fun! Today was just such a day. After a week of dreary clouds and chilly rain, we are enjoying a beautifully balmy 65 degrees. Not only that, but this is the opening weekend of the Issaquah Farmers’ Market. Pictures follow!

Oh, many thanks to Mike & Natalie for the incredible Irish soccer outfit. As you can see, Sam loves it!

2 thoughts on “It’s Finally Springtime!

  1. It looks like a beautiful day! It’s great to take the opportunities like that when they come. Sam looks super cute in his Irish outfit. We think about him a lot even though we don’t get to see him! Love you guys.

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