Finger Painting

Daycare has been a really good experience this year for Sam. He loves playing with his friends and doing circle time activities like ribbon dancing. Best of all, though, are the crafts. Sam’s school has a new craft for the kids to do every single day. They paint, glue things together, and decorate pictures with feathers, glitter, and stickers. Sam loves doing these activities. The first time he painted at school, he spent 45 minutes on his creation. His teacher said she’d never seen a child paint for so long!

This week, our fun plans were derailed a bit by another case of pink eye. Since we were stuck indoors, I decided to get some finger paints for our little guy. There are a couple of videos below. The second one is extremely long. I won’t feel bad if no one watches it!

2 thoughts on “Finger Painting

  1. Not watch a video because it’s long? Never! I love seeing the things you all do together! And Sam sure does love painting! I wonder when he gets older, if he’ll sketch people and animals like his Uncle Bob. We’ll have to save some of Bob’s pictures, and the story he wrote for Sam to see. You have fun Sam. You’re doing great! And so are you, Mom and Dad. We love you all so much!

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