Sam still adores cars (which you will see in this video), but his new obsession is dinosaurs. He’s always enjoyed growling, so when his day care teacher introduced a new book called “Dinosaur Roar”, Sam was very taken by it. We ordered that book along with a big picture book of dinosaurs. We were looking at the picture book this morning. Sam pointed to the brachiosaurus and said “Sam! Sam!”

By the time I got my camera out, he had moved on to a sticker book of cars. It’s a lot of “what’s that? what ‘s that?”, but if you can make it to the end you can hear some good dinosaur roars.

2 thoughts on “Samosaurus

  1. Hey Em, ya know those cars have names!! Caleb can teach you if you’d like to be a student for a while. Sam is so cute and calm. Does he ever have temper tantrums?!? Nice dinosaur sound!

  2. Yeah, I still haven’t seen the movies all the way through. I may need a lesson from Caleb!

    Sam has some temper tantrums, but dad witnessed one while he was here in December and said that it didn’t count. 🙂

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