3 thoughts on “Watch “Splashing in a puddle” on YouTube

  1. Hey, that looks like a lot of fun!! Caleb wants to know if Sam is wearing wellies. I couldn’t tell. We’ve been doing a lot of puddle splashing here too. It’s not so cute with a big 5 year old who splashes everyone around with one jump.

  2. No wellies. Those are Sam’s “doots”. Last August, we decided to buy Sam two expensive pairs of tennis shoes from Stride Rite. They had some kind of technology that led to more stability. He really did walk better in them! He outgrew them in January, so we went and bought another pair. Then we decided to try a pair of cheap shoes from Target. We got those boots. Now, I ask Sam every day which shoes he wants to wear. He always says “doots”! Sometimes I put his tennis shoes on anyway, but he often brings the boots to me later and holds his feet up so that I will change his shoes. No more Stride Rite shoes for us!

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