Two Years Old!

Yesterday, our little guy turned two!! We weren’t able to celebrate yesterday because I had an evening class to teach, but we’ve been celebrating his birthday little by little all week long. Last Sunday, we took him out for ice cream at Coldstone (he got a free scoop of vanilla ice cream with strawberries mixed in). He thought the ice cream was just about the best thing ever. Days later, we had this conversation:

Me: What’s your favorite food? Beets or ice cream?
Sam: Ice cream!
Me: Which is better, pears or ice cream?
Sam: Ice cream!
Me: Which is better, strawberries or ice cream?
Sam: (long pause) strawberry ice cream!

We’ve been taking our time to open gifts that have come in. Sam is thrilled with all of the new toys, books, and stickers. Thanks so much to everyone for making his day so special!

We didn’t get any birthday pictures yesterday, but we took these earlier in the week. Sam’s new daycare teacher plans an art project for the kids every day. He really loves these projects. The first time he painted a picture at school, the teacher told us that he spent 45 minutes working on his painting. She had never seen a child focus on it for so long. We decided to get him some paints to use at home. Here he is, doing some painting and coloring:

2 thoughts on “Two Years Old!

  1. Happy Birthday Sam! … or should I say Happy Birthweek! 🙂 You’re getting so big! And you are so handsome! We’re glad you enjoyed your gifts and hope you have lots and lots of fun being two! Big hugs for you and your parents, Sweetheart. We love you all so very, very much!!
    Grandma and Grandpa (Castillo)

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