Sam still adores cars (which you will see in this video), but his new obsession is dinosaurs. He’s always enjoyed growling, so when his day care teacher introduced a new book called “Dinosaur Roar”, Sam was very taken by it. We ordered that book along with a big picture book of dinosaurs. We were looking at the picture book this morning. Sam pointed to the brachiosaurus and said “Sam! Sam!”

By the time I got my camera out, he had moved on to a sticker book of cars. It’s a lot of “what’s that? what ‘s that?”, but if you can make it to the end you can hear some good dinosaur roars.

Two Years Old!

Yesterday, our little guy turned two!! We weren’t able to celebrate yesterday because I had an evening class to teach, but we’ve been celebrating his birthday little by little all week long. Last Sunday, we took him out for ice cream at Coldstone (he got a free scoop of vanilla ice cream with strawberries mixed in). He thought the ice cream was just about the best thing ever. Days later, we had this conversation:

Me: What’s your favorite food? Beets or ice cream?
Sam: Ice cream!
Me: Which is better, pears or ice cream?
Sam: Ice cream!
Me: Which is better, strawberries or ice cream?
Sam: (long pause) strawberry ice cream!

We’ve been taking our time to open gifts that have come in. Sam is thrilled with all of the new toys, books, and stickers. Thanks so much to everyone for making his day so special!

We didn’t get any birthday pictures yesterday, but we took these earlier in the week. Sam’s new daycare teacher plans an art project for the kids every day. He really loves these projects. The first time he painted a picture at school, the teacher told us that he spent 45 minutes working on his painting. She had never seen a child focus on it for so long. We decided to get him some paints to use at home. Here he is, doing some painting and coloring:

Sam and the Super Bowl

Sam may be contesting with an illness, but our little guy didn’t let it slow him down!

The chocolate chip cookies might have helped.

Making Orange Juice

Dave & I came down with colds earlier this week.  We were marveling that Sam didn’t catch it.  Then he woke up from his nap yesterday and looked like this:

We relaxed on the couch with some juice and Thomas and Friends.  After awhile, Sam was feeling well enough to help me make dinner.  Here, he’s helping me juice oranges for our orange-battered tempeh: