2 thoughts on “The Promised Videos

  1. The video on the deck is priceless! I loved hearing him identify cars and trucks. You are having so much fun with your son, and I am thrilled for you.


  2. I loved seeing Sam watching himself make footprints on the deck, and building his snowman with Emily. And I loved hearing him talking to you too. Your other Grandma is right. These videos are priceless, and I’m also thrilled that you’re having so much fun with Sam! He is our 7th grandchild, but as precious as our 1st, and each one after that! It’s always so fantastic watching the little ones as they experience something new to them. You get to experience it through their eyes, and see how they see the world, in it’s simple pleasures. It’s so great! Have fun, Tony and Emily. You have a wonderful little boy there! And I know you have so much love and pride in him! … just as we do in all three of you.
    Love, The other Grandma

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