You Knew There’d Be More

I can’t help it, I’ve been housebound for too long! More pics of our snowpocalypse and ice storm (such as they are).

Sam and the Snow

It’s not a particularly creative post title. Nor is this an original message. But you get the idea.

Video to follow (if it’s up to snuff, I haven’t reviewed it yet).

Scenes From A Snowy Day

Today was the first snow of the season – and what snow! The pictures below were taken from the balcony at our new place. Tomorrow we hope to take Sam to the park to build a snowman.

What’s your name?

A conversation we had today:

Me, pointing to myself: who is this?

Sam: Mommy!

Me, pointing to Dave: who’s that?

Sam: Daddy!

Me, pointing to Sam: Who’s that?

Sam: You!

I guess we do call him “you” a lot!