More Christmas Coverage

This year, Uncle Robbie and Aunt Katrina are visiting with us, having arrived on Christmas Eve from Phoenix. We’re having a lot of fun enjoying a nice low-key holiday filled with long stretches of watching Sam, chatting, and general relaxation.

Speaking of Sam, this year is his second Christmas and his first that he could appreciate what was going on. He still doesn’t completely understand Christmas and why present after present came shooting his way when he just wanted to play with what he had, but he’s having a ball! He’s particularly fond of the tricycle that Sampa gave him (he calls it his “cycle”…repeatedly…the boy’s obsessed) and the legos that Robbie and Katrina brought with them. He pooped out pretty quickly with the present opening, though, so we still have about half of his presents to open! We’re hoping to do so after Sampa arrives today.

After letting Sam have his nap, we decided to get out of the house and put the new cycle to use by going for a walk around Green Lake. It was pretty cold but once the wind died down it wasn’t too bad. Sam had a great time sitting there while poking at everything with a stick that he found along the way. We then spent some time in the playground – Sam was particularly fond of the swings!

After we got back, it was time to make dinner and relax for the evening. We ended up staying up until 1:30 chatting with Robbie and Katrina. It was a blast! Now if only Sam didn’t wake up at his usual 7:00…

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